make 20 a day

How To Make $20 a Day Online: Free and Legit Side Hustle Opportunities

How many times have you wished you had a bit more funds…

…some way you could make $20 a day from all that time you spend online.

A bit of cash flow so you could go out and spend some time with family and friends.

The allure of making money online is there.


You may be a little confused on what opportunities are out there.

If you want to make an extra 20 dollars, follow just one of these suggestions and you’ll find yourself with a few extra notes in your pocket today.

Write Articles

Freelance writing is one of the easiest ways to begin making money online.

For the next hour:

Brainstorm a blogging strategy and 5 post ideas you could write.

Aim for 500 – 1,000 words.

Could you finish this in a few hours? Certainly.

Once you’ve got the ideas:

  1. Do a search for “Paid Guest Blogging” or a job board search for “SEO Writer”
  2. Pitch your best ideas catering the content to the client and intended audience
  3. Go the extra mile saying you’ll include promotion on your social channels

You’ll likely get a bite especially if you have an expertise in something.

There are thousands of small businesses needing good content for their blogging strategies. A decent post should warrant that extra money helping you hit the $20 a day mark.

Sell Something

The average household has thousands of dollars’ worth of items laying around. Most of these items have been sitting around for months or haven’t even been used.

Likewise, I like to swing by the local thrift stores (with the eBay app on hand) scanning for flips.

I’ve had some success so far…

ebay flips

It’s not a crazy amount but if I really did the circuit of hitting up the thrift stores around my area — about 10 in a 5-mile radius — I’m sure I’d find something daily.

I’d say pick a handful of things you really understand like clothing brands or gizmos. Check how much these interesting items go for on eBay. Then, buy them, list them, and keep it going for a continuous $20 a day.

Tap Your Skills

Hop on your local Craigslist and look for gigs related to what you know.

There are plenty of jobs anyone can easily do such as online tutoring, fixing someone’s website, setting up a Facebook account or editing videos.

Remember that thing where we’d do little jobs around the neighborhood?

Yeah, that’s still there but think online gig work.

Get the word out you have some skills and you’ll get a few bites. Go through your friends and family for some referrals. Or, post that up on social.

Micro Jobs and Side Gigs

Microworkers is a website which offers small jobs such as digging articles, filling out surveys, writing a review, answering questions and many other tasks which only take a few minutes to complete each.

UpWork and Fiverr are two other platforms you’ll want to explore. There, you can create listings and pick up gig work. It’s a churn but it works.

Otherwise, check into:

  • Uber
  • Postmates
  • TaskRabbit

These could definitely help you make $20 a day and beyond. Though, watch out because sometimes these side gigs become traps like if you dump money into a car just to drive for Uber. Or, start to neglect your normal work for side stuff.

But, eh, if it brings in a bit extra and stays under control you’ll be good.

Survey Sites and Apps

Sites like:

  • SurveyMonkey
  • Swagbucks
  • MySurvey

Pay users to answer questions and interact with their platform.

It doesn’t pay a whole lot but it’s great for when you’ve got downtime. A lot of surveys might be $0.15 – $0.25. But, they only take a few minutes. If you combine a bunch of these survey sites then you could hit that $20 mark.

In all, this stuff is a grind — I did it a few years back religiously. I definitely made some good money as time went on. Much of this came from one of the niche site ideas I built around — a beer money site which also earned me some ad revenue.

But, ehhhh. I only recommend this when you’d otherwise waste time.

Check for good opportunities.

Consult a Local Business

Chances are, you are quite skilled at social media but don’t notice it because you use it all the time – this is an advantage.

Many local businesses are still transitioning online and need people to explain how to use social media and networking correctly.

Simply do a Google search to see if a local business has a website. If not, contact them and see if they’ll pay you to explain how they can get on social media. Push the benefits like reaching their customers and sales — and add in your experience of how to create and share content.

Social media is second nature to you — it’s not for a lot of SMB’s.

Leverage that into a neat side gig.

Be an Online Assistant

Many people and businesses are outsourcing their work to virtual assistants.

Although it’s hard to compete with those that work overseas, it’s still very possible to land a reasonable paying online assistant job doing data entry, research or answering phones.

Visit websites like UpWork, Fiverr, oDesk to search for these types of jobs.

Or, you could always set up a website by getting a good domain name, throwing up WordPress, adding a theme, and listing your services. It’s like $15-$30 to get this started but would become a hub for people to find you.

Ask For Subs and/or Donations

Yeah, really.

Sites like Patreon really made this take off big time.

  • Got a talent and create content? Start a Patreon.
  • Stream games or IRL on Twitch? Start a Patreon.
  • Combining business with crafting? Start a Patreon.

People love supporting great people and creators.

Even if you had a low $1 from each sub/donation, you’d only need 20 passionate followers. Put in your all — be authentic — and you’ll get followers.

Finding Legit Ways to Make $20 a Day

Using one of these methods, you find yourself on track to earning an extra $20 online today. But, this is only the beginning of what’s out there.

I do plan to continually update this post if the community wants.

Why is a twenty-spot a game changer?

Think about it: $20 extra dollars could be a night out to eat, gas in your car, a video game or book – just a little extra goes a long way.

Are these legit? Are they free?

Yea and yea.

People are doing this all the time now.

It’s crazy to think just 5-10 years ago people thought everything online was a scam. Now, you’ve got streamers/podcasters making $10000+ a month. You’ve got huuuuge Etsy shops and freelance positions. Side gigs and hustles are in!

Yeah, it’ll take some time to get things rolling but it’ll get there.

Good luck!