How To Choose A Great SEO Company

Search Engine Optimization

There are many SEO and PPC companies available on the web, many of them offering the world to you while some are modest in their proposals.

You’ll often hear them exclaim “Number 1 result for your keyword!” but before you buy into such claims make sure you do extensive research on both their business practices and results.

More often than not, these statements cannot be accomplishable, even Google tells you this about SEO.

Ranking #1 for “cars” would be nearly impossible for a new website when faced with such high competition between multi-million dollar companies, get my point?

The following should help you pick the correct SEO Company for your needs:

How To Spot A Scam

Spotting a scam can be difficult at times especially when some of these SEO consultants and companies continue to evolve their deceitful practices.

There are some of the signs which should throw up a red flag that the SEO service is a possible scam:

  • A random email telling you that they can give you top rankings
  • Someone who only works on the meta tags of your sites
  • Someone promising thousands of links in an incredibly short amount of time

Like the old verbiage goes: “If it’s sounds too good to be true, it probably is”.

Identifying the Good SEO’s

Good SEOs are a dime in a dozen.

Many scammy SEO’s are out there selling their ‘snake oil’ promising you thousands of back links, increasing your sales by 1000% and getting you #1 results on Google.

When choosing a great SEO, look for ones that are both modest and practical in their campaigns.

The SEO’s you should keep an eye out for should display some, if not all, of these qualities:

  • SEOs recommended by friends and business partners
  • SEO’s which can prove their record with testimonials and hard results
  • SEO’s that are very active in the SEO community such as forums and blogs

Look for SEO’s that will work closely with you to target.

In my opinion, the long-tail keywords. These keywords are much more easily obtained and will help keep your placement in the long term.

Work with an SEO company with a proven track record which can show you their results and tell you their strategy to boost your rankings to the top based on your criteria.

As mentioned before, always check the results that these SEO companies proclaim. Search their website for case studies or which companies they’ve worked with before, contact them and ask for an honest opinion.

The worst possible decision you could make would to go with an SEO company which uses black hat tricks to spam networks. Spamming networks will quickly flag your website and remove you from the search engine index, completely leaving you out of your money and destroying your online business.

Determining a Cost and Contract

Now that you’ve finally made your decision to hire an SEO company or consultant, it’s time to talk about hard cash.

Although I can’t dictate to you how much you should spend on your SEO campaign, weigh the promises of your SEO with the benefit it will return.

If your SEO would cost you $2000 for the project, increased rankings and search engine placements sending you $10,000 in business, you’ve made a very wise choice.

If you plan to create a contract or sign a contract offered by your SEO company, make sure you read through this document with a fine attention to detail.

Sometimes companies can be deceptive and use technobabble to confuse you only to leave you with undesired search results which were “their goal” for your placement.

Try to compromise with the SEO company on a great ongoing plan.

Search engines change at random, so one days SEO efforts may not give you the same results as the previous. Working with the SEO in an ongoing process will help develop your search engine optimization campaign and build trust with the person you are working with.


If you can’t seem to find an SEO company or consultant that fits your needs, you could always practice this art by yourself.

There are many blogs, books and videos available on the net which can show you some basic techniques of search engine optimization.

Although you may not be able to see the same results as the dedicated SEO companies, DIY SEO is a viable option for someone on a strict budget.

For addition research for doing your own SEO, please see:

Hopefully the information contained in this article will help you in your quest to find a great SEO company for your website needs.

With SEO, take everything with a grain of salt. Expect to see previous results from the company you choose before setting deals in stone.

Always research before you make the plunge into paying for SEO services, however, don’t let the scammers keep you away from gaining a great SEO and potentially increasing your business.

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