25 Powerful Google Adwords Tips And Tricks

Adwords Tips

Google Adwords is one of the most used methods to advertise online.

Adwords is very easy to set up but a pain in the butt to optimize. Without optimization you’ll end up with only a few clicks a day and that’s if you’re lucky. On the flip side, you could end up paying way more than you wanted.

This post will help you make more money online with 25 Adwords tips and tricks.

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1. Use Mispelled Keywords
People make typing mistakes all the time, they may search for “flwoers” instead of “flowers”. This typo could only cost you pennies in comparison to the actual word, try out different mispelling and take advantage.

2. Don’t Buy Keywords That Cost More Than You Make
It would make no sense to spend $10 on a keyword if you plan to sell a $5 widget. Don’t waste money by buying expensive keywords that do not earn a profit.

3. Track Your Conversions
Set up split A/B testing on each of your adword campaigns, test, and change accordingly to which is performing better.

4. Use Long Tail Keywords
Long tail keywords can be inexpensive and are great for the long run. People are ever increasinly using longer search strings, aim for these to pick up cheap traffic.

5. Speak To The User
Use keywords which immediately envolk emotion inside of the users head, compelling them to click on your link. Use “you”, add “free” go for keywords which speak to the user.

6. Use Negative Keywords
Don’t waste your money paying adword clicks that target keywords that are irrelevant to your landing page. Use negative keywords to filter out words which only causes the user to bounce.

7. Pay Only What You Feel Comfortable With
Don’t make the mistake of just letting it all ride on high priced keywords. If you were to get a massive influx of visitors that only bounced, you’ll be left holding a large bill. Bid only on prices you feel comfortable paying out.

8. Include a Call to Action
Add keywords such as Order Today, Free Shipping, Act Now and many other keywords which will ad a sense of urgency. An urgent offer will put the visitor on high alert to act before it’s too late.

9. Don’t Just Use Your Competitors Keywords
As mentioned in negative, long tail and mispelled keywords, don’t just use your competitors keywords. You may have the funds to start a bidding war but you could also be using your time to find dozens of cheap adwords that will add up to the same results from a high priced keyword.

10. Download Your Keywords to Excel
Keep a record of all of your keywords you have used for your ad campaigns. Track every detail on how it performed. Keep a record of the price fluxuations and when to expect a rise and fall in costs.

11. Record Everything
Keep track of every campaign you’ve created, never delete anything. Some ideas which didn’t work months before may be a hot ad today. Learn from your mistakes, continually tweak your ads based on what you’ve learned from the ones recorded.

12. Talk In There Language
Everyone seems to be able to identify a sales pitch these days, so talk directly to the user by speaking as if you were directly talking to them, giving them the “bar talk”.

13. Test Even If The Ad Is Phenomenal
Just because your ad is performing better than you ever expected doesn’t mean you should stop testing. Use your new high performing ad to test out other similar ads or build upon the one you already have to see if you gain even more clicks.

14. Use Questions To Engage Users
Using a question will catch the eye of the user. Asking such things as “Want to know the secret of life?” would probably have people wondering what on earth you are talking about, making them click through.

15. Optimize Your Landing Page
Try out multiple landing pages. Your ad may be doing spectacular but you continue to have a high bounce rate, this could mean that your landing page isn’t optimized correctly. Try A/B testing various landing pages and track the conversion. Use the recorded data to create new pages based on the highest performer and continue to test and revise.

16. Use “…”
Leave a trail in your ad. This is a great way to tell a bit of a story and make the user interested to see the rest of the story. An ad such as “I was broke from horrible debt, but once I discovered the secret to…”, that gets users engaged.

17. Include your Phone Number
You could try out adding your phone number into your adword campaign. If you are doing a local adword campaign, when users see that you are a local company they may pick up the phone on the spot to give you a call, saving you on the adwords click.

18. Use proper Capitalization
As long as you don’t caps lock the entire ad. Use proper capitalization to create a headline which stands out from the rest of the ad.

19. Tell Them Their Benefit
People are looking for something to meet their needs and solve their problem. Don’t talk about your product, talk about how you have the solution and they need to click your ad to find out.

20. Have a Friend Write Your Ad
Although it isn’t always smart to let friends try out things with your money, it may add a bit of inspiration and a new thought to what to write. If you get lucky, your friend may write how someone likes to be spoken to, hitting the nail on the head.

21. Use Targetted Networks
Target your users after you’ve determined your analytics and have data about who your visitors are and what they like. Target geographical locations especially when doing local campaigns.

22. Don’t Get Too Over Your Head
Just because you can spend a large amount of cash on adwords, you’re still spending money to make money. Don’t forget to create quality content that gets you organic search results, saving you more money from not having to pay for the clicks.

23. Set a Budget and Stick to It
Set a budget you feel comfortable and stick with it until you’ve significantly increase your sales until you feel it fit to increase your adword campaign. Blowing all your money one week won’t help when you don’t have any to advertise for the next three.

24. Calculate Your CPA
Track how much each click is costing you compared to the profit you make from your product after your costs for the actual product. Aim to create repeat customers so you don’t have to keep spending money each time you get a visitor just to sell them a product again.

25. Avoid Freebie Hunters
Using free can help people click your ad but there are many out there that are just looking for free stuff online. Because these freebie hunters aren’t looking to make a purchase, they will click on your ad, costing you money, and bounce after they find that you’re not offering anything free.

What Adwords tips and tricks do you want to share?


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